ED Series: Salesforce Application Demo

TCFV strives to make sure we are providing Texas domestic violence agencies with options when it comes to collecting and reporting your data. TCFV will continue to support the use of the Osnium database but understand that some programs may be interested in other database possibilities. To assist with identifying some possible options, we are bringing you a webinar that will provide you with a demo of Salesforce, a database that is being used by Hope’s Door/New Beginning Center. We hope that this demo will familiarize other domestic violence agencies in Texas with the powerful functions and features of this system. The IT challenges of DV agencies are not insignificant due to the rapid change of technology, complexity of agency environments, and ever changing reporting requirements. The webinar will include a live demonstration of the many built in applications such as Client Management (Counseling & Case Management), Shelter Management, Transitional Housing Management, Community Education, BIPP Management, Donor Management, Volunteer Management, Grant Management, Data Integrity Management, and Report Generation.

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