OIM | Serving Human Trafficking Survivors in a Domestic Violence Setting

As our society becomes more aware of human trafficking in our communities, the lack of services for this population can result in domestic violence providers being the only point of access for services. What are the similarities, differences, and overlap between domestic violence and trafficking survivors? This webinar will discuss current data and trends, identifying trafficking survivors and the unique opportunities and challenges of addressing this population within existing programs. Elyssa Schroeder, LMSW, is a Policy Coordinator at the Texas Council on Family Violence providing policy and programmatic advocacy to family violence providers throughout the state. In this capacity she works to enhance survivor experiences through shelter rules reduction, research and evaluation, and creating access for vulnerable populations. Her past professional experiences center on creating safer spaces for victims of gender-based violence including developing a health and wellness program for women living in the slums of Bangalore, India; direct client counseling and advocacy through a women’s center in South Texas; and working with local officials to create a Victim Services Department in rural Texas. Sulan Chang is the Assistant Program Director at Mosaic Family Services, a safe haven for survivors of human trafficking and family violence. Mosaic Family Services provides shelter, legal, counseling, case management, and other support services for any survivors of labor and sex trafficking, and family violence. Mosaic is also a founder and active member of the North Texas Anti-Trafficking Task Force and the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Sulan has supervised the staff and program development of the Services for Victims of Trafficking and Multicultural Family Violence programs at Mosaic since 2012, and provided comprehensive case management for survivors since 2007. She regularly provides outreach, education, and technical assistance regarding human trafficking, family violence, cultural awareness, LEP access, and program development and best practices. Sulan led and assisted with the coordination efforts for Mosaic to participate and provide data in several research studies, including the Urban Institute/Northeastern University study on labor trafficking in the United States.

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